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Interior Painting Greenlake Painting Company Seattle

Greenlake Painting Company does interior home painting on all sizes and types of walls, ceilings, trim, doors, baseboards, cabinets, staining, varnish work and more. If it doesn't move, we can paint it.

Interior paint projects we generally prefer Benjamin Moore: We usually spec "Regal" for walls and ceilings, "Advance" or "Scuff-X" for trim. These are all latex paints and they dry fast with little to no odor. We also use Sherwin Williams, Miller, Rodda, Home Depot, and Kelly Moore.

Our Process
First our highly skilled painters cover floors and hardwoods with paper, carpets get covered with plastic. Once floors are covered we start trim prep; caulking, sanding, spackle, and then primer. Primer gets sanded again, area cleaned of dust, and then we are ready to spray or brush the trim. Trim almost always takes two coats to get right, so we spray one coat and then the second when first is dry. After that we tape all trim off with "Edge Lock" 3M tape for sharp lines. Ceilings we paint using an 18" roller to reduce lines and striping. Walls are the last thing and we apply two coats to walls. After walls, tapes are removed, lines cleaned up, and touch-up performed. Our interiors always turn out beautifully.

We do interior paint projects mostly run in the fall / winter time. Interior season is typically November to February, and we offer a 10% discount on labor during those months. We paint cabinets, trim packs, ceilings, and walls - as well as patch drywall and plaster. Our highly trained painters will take excellent care of your home, your belongings, and mask up the house to prevent any spills. Our experience will give your house a whole new look that you will love.

Greenlake Painting Company offers a two year warranty on all work.

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