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Greenlake Painting Company of Seattle Washington, was founded in 1998 when Larry Moller finished his bachelor's degree at UW. Starting out simply with a truck and a brush, in twenty one years, Greenlake Painting Company has grown into a full size shop, three vans, two trucks, and a dedicated painting crew of ten people. We love to paint, and have painted houses, restaurants and small commercial buildings throughout the Seattle Bellevue area.

We paint Interior and Exterior; Large homes, small homes, parts of homes, additions of homes, fences and decks. We have painted houses on the water, on the hills, and in the valleys. Seattle is a special market and is different than any other area of the state. In Seattle, houses are generally worth more, and ask for a higher level of skill than other areas. Perfection is demanded for most finishes, and a painter will make or break the project with their skill and performance. We know what is expected and can perform to this high standard.

Twenty one years is a long time to be a house painter in Seattle, and it makes us one of the longest lasting in the city. Greenlake Painting Company compares well to larger more organized painting companies in the Greenlake Seattle area and can compete with them on price and performance. We offer a big company feel, with a medium company structure.

We do exteriors mostly in the spring / summer, and interiors in the fall / winter. Interior season is typically November to February, and we offer a 10% discount on labor during those months. We paint cabinets, trim packs, ceilings, and walls - as well as patch drywall and plaster. Our highly trained painters will take excellent care of your home, your belongings, and mask up the house to prevent any spills. Our experience will give your house a whole new look that you will love.

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