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Exterior Painting Greenlake Painting Company Seattle

Greenlake Painting Company does exterior painting on all types of houses, barns, small commercial buildings, Dadu's, sheds, decks, porches, railings, fences, concrete surfaces, wood surfaces and more.

On exterior painting projects we generally use Sherwin Williams line of paints. Superpaint is a good high quality exterior paint, that dries down to 32 degrees, and lasts 10-15 years. We also use Benjamin Moore, Rodda, Miller, Home Depot products, and Kelly Moore on occasion.

Our Process
First our highly skilled painters prep by scraping all the loose and peeling paint, then we prime all bare surfaces with "Peel-Bond" primer. After priming all bare surfaces we give the house a light pressure wash. Next is caulking, spackling, repairing dryrot, final prep. After we are satisfied the house is ready we start taping up windows, doors, and anything we don't want to get paint on. Once the house is masked we paint the body, usually via spray, sometimes with a backroll. After body is painted 90% we then start to paint the trim. As trim is being painted we look for misses on the body and fill those areas in for full coverage. Doors, decks and porches get painted last as we are finishing up the trim.

We do exterior painting projects mostly in the spring / summer. Our highly trained painters will take excellent care of your home, your belongings, and mask up the house to prevent any spills. Our experience will give your house a whole new look that you will love.

Greenlake Painting Company offers a two year warranty on all exterior paint work.

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