Greenlake Painting Company Seattle
Greenlake Painting Company Seattle

Greenlake Painting Company Seattle

Adding COLOR to Life One Home at a Time.

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Exterior and Interior Painting Experts

We focus on one job at a time; Your Job — There are many painting companies to choose from in Seattle. Big ones, small ones, and in between. Some have been around a long time, some just started. How do you know who to hire? You search Yelp and read the reviews, you research Facebook page to see what people say, and then you make a decision. It's tough, and there are no real easy ways to know for sure.

Greenlake Painting is a medium sized painting company who has been in business for 23 years and counting. We have a shop in between Ballard and Fremont on Leary Way. With three vans, two trucks, and a host of ladders we have the space and the equipment to do your job right. Employees average 10-15, even 21 years working with Greenlake Painting, and they are top craftsmen. We have thousands of past customers who love our work. We are a known entity and we will be here in the future. Greenlake Painting Company stands behind it's work and it shows.

If you want to take the worry out of your home painting job, look no further, we will make sure you are satisfied now and years down the road.

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Exterior and Interior Painting Experts Seattle

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