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Commercial Partners

Color by Anya

Overwhelmed by all the possible paint colors and shades for your space? As an architectural color consultant, Anya Moller will help you find the right color palette for your specific taste and sense of style.  Having worked in the painting industry for 18 years, Anya has extensive experience working with paint colors, and she will help personalize your space to reflect your desired mood, the function of the space, and coordinate the space with the rest of your home. Take the stress out of picking your colors and paint by letting Anya do it for you.

The Best Residential Remodelers Of Seattle

This is a list of the awesome Residential Remodel Contractors that we work with on a continual basis. Each one has been involved in a wide range of projects, ranging in scope from a small bathroom remodel to an entire custom remodel. If you are looking for any type of remodeling to customize your house, look no further. Any one of these companies will give you a great value, and work as hard as possible for you.

1. Doug Johnson and Co: We have been working with Doug Johnson and Co for eight years, and we have always been impressed with their remodels. They are very organized, and do top quality, clean work.

2. Mallet Inc.: They do some residential remodel, but tend to specialize in commercial projects such as The Vera Project, the Zeeks pizza stores, Rudy’s barbershops, bar remodels, store remodels, and other related work. They feature an in-house design group and an in-house architect for streamlined, well-managed projects.

3. Toepfer Construction: Toepfer Construction is owned by brothers Jack and Bob and they specialize in residential remodel. With an office next to the Phinney Ridge Neighborhood Center they are located near many of their projects. They feature quality, timeliness, and a commitment to detail that is truly a step above the rest.

4. Heartwood Construction: A great mid-size company that specializes in projects utilizing new green technology. We use more unique, environmentally friendly products in our paint jobs for Heartwood than any other contractor we work with. They bring a willingness to experiment coupled with old-fashioned know how to the table with each project.

5. Blox Construction: This builder is smaller then the mid-sized contractors we work with, and specialize in slightly smaller projects, such as master bath remodels, kitchen remodels, and partial house remodels. They are masters of precise, surgical remodels.

6. Abacus Carpentry: Abacus Carpentry is a small company that often subcontracts the trim package part of the job for these other contractors. They specialize in installation of windows, doors, and intricate trim pieces. Contact Keith Cash for more information.

7. Harmon Construction: One of the smaller contractors we work with, you will usually find David Harmon on the job immersed in the details. He specializes in smaller projects, such as light remodels, baths, kitchens, dryrot, and repairs. David has been a carpenter for a long time and he understands the intricacies of the older Seattle homes.

8. Singleton Construction: Phil Singleton‘s mid-size company does great remodels. He has a knack for construction, while his wife helps with the details. They make a great team.