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We Provide the Following Services with Every Paint Job:

Caulk: We will caulk woodwork such as window casings, door casings, knee-braces, belly bands, and other ornate trimwork where boards meet, where it meets siding, and, if applicable, where wood meets metal or glass.

Colors: Color and product consultation, as well as six color samples are included in every estimate.

Crew: Each crew will have a foreman who has a cellphone with access to the office for any concerns or emergencies.  Also the crew working on your project will have a neat appearance and conduct themselves in a professional manner.

Garbage clean-up: When the project is completed all garbage that was generated in the painting process will be removed from the project.  Additionally, all general debri such as paint chips will be cleaned up and disposed of.

Painting: We guarantee that the painting will be crisp, and lines between colors and fields will be clean and sharp. Our standard estimate calls for one coat to cover, meaning we are going to put the right amount of paint on so you will not see old colors or bleed-through when the painting is completed.

Protection: When we are painting we make sure to protect non-paintable items such as trees, bushes, cars, hardware, and anything else that needs to be protected.

Spackle: We use an exterior resin base spackle made by Sherwin Williams that provides a hard quick drying surface to fix any imperfections such as holes in siding, sanding scars and marks, and holes in trim.  Then we sand it and apply primer to the new surface.

Warranty: When the painting is completed and the final touch-ups are finished, the project is over.  If any problems arise you can call the office and we will send somebody to address your problem. We offer a three year warranty after we finish your project.